Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations :

  • Every student must look upon himself/herself as the custodian of college and must conduct himself/herself inside and outside of the college with decorum and dignity.
  • Ragging, Smoking, Drinking and use of cell phones are strictly prohibited in the college
  • 75% attendance is hard and fast to write university exams.
  • Day scholar students will be given Transport Card with specific college bus number and bus stop. They have to come only in the specific bus. They have to possess the transport card, whenever they travel in the college bus.
  • Movements from one class to another or from one block to another should be in orderly and disciplined manner.
  • Students are advised as well as warned not to write or scribble anything on the desks or walls.
  • Be polite and respectful to all.

College Discipline :

Various rules and regulations have been framed by college administration to maintain the discipline in the college. Noncompliance of these may lead to severe punishment. The following are considered to be act of indiscipline:

  • Continuous absence from the college.
  • Ragging of the students.
  • Involvement in criminal activities and to possess arms and weapons.
  • Misbehaviour with the staff members of the college.
  • Consumption or Possession of narcotic drugs / liquor.
  • Investigating or participating in strike.
  • Supplying wrong in formations to the college.
  • Failure to pay college or hostel fee.
  • Non-compliance of any of the rules laid down by college or hostel.
  • Students will be punished in case of violation of the rules laid down by the institution. Punishment may be a penalty, suspension from the classes, suspension from the college / hostel, suspension from the board, debarring from appearing in the examinations etc.