About MES Polytechnic

MES Polytechnic is one of the best premises in the contemporary institutes in the region. It is fully equipped with every facility keeping in mind healthy teaching, pollution free environment. Easily accessible MES Polytechnic is located at the outskirts of Madhugiri City, also known as educational district of Karnataka, on Madhugiri-Gowribidanur Highway(NH 238), 60 mins run from Tumkur City Bus stand and Railway station.

The term Polytechnic comes from the Greek word meaning many and tekhnikós meaning arts. MES Polytechnic is an institute that offers a variety of professional courses which are technical in nature. The courses offered by MES Polytechnic help an individual kick-start his career – they allow him to start his own business or get a decent job at a reputed place.

At a time when the India needs more young people to opt for a career in engineering, the Diploma in Engineering offers a new route into the profession for a much broader section of our school students. The Diploma in Engineering has strong support from industry, academia and the professional engineering community because the students who take it are well equipped to enter industry or universities, who accept it for admission to their engineering courses. Another huge benefit of the qualification is its potential to open up great career opportunities for young people who might not otherwise have a route into the profession.

At MES Polytechnic we provide a rich academic and research environment with the mission of preparing young men and women for challenging opportunities in the competitive corporate environment with special emphasis on global competition.We have a strong focus on producing employable students; therefore, we work with the mission of making our students technologically superior and ethically strong so that they can become trend setters in their chosen fields and assets to the organizations they are associated with.