Sri R.C.Vijay Kumar Jain

Madhugiri Education Society is striving for providing higher education for girls student and socially, economically backward sections of the society. I wish to entire campus community of Madhugiri Education Society a grand success in its venture.

In the competitive world of today, survival is not just a matter of qualification but one of qualification with competence.I, as the Chairman of this college, assure you that the college will provide and assist all the candidates in pursuing their goals. It is with this purpose that the college has initiated measures not just to encourage students to pursue their education purposefully but also to provide additional competency through educating them with Information Technology.

Our goal is to build a strong foundation for a sound development of all faculties in children essential for them to be successful in life. The focus will be on exposing students to the latest educational technology while learning. Further, we should also like to foster their interest and involvement in the teaching-learning process by interaction with teachers, expert educators and resource persons. It is our sincere endeavour to provide our students practical learning experiences through workshops, seminars and thus equip them with wider knowledge & study skills.
It is our dream to build a model institution where every student is given an opportunity to develop his/her potential to the optimum level with the help of enrichment programmers planned for various classes. Thus we propose to bring about a qualitative improvement in the entire curricular and co-curricular atmosphere of the school.

Sri R.C.Vijay Kumar Jain
Madhugiri Education Society