Sri M.S.Dharmaveera

Madhugiri Education Society upholds the ideals of its founders to achieve excellence in a higher education empowerment of women through knowledge inclusive growth for economic change and sustainable development. I wish a grand success in its efforts.

We look back at our commitments and performance of our four decades in providing education to students. Strengthened by our post achievements, we promise an even more innovative, versatile, technologically advanced and well –planned curriculum to provide students with opportunities as well as in a variety of interesting personality development programmes.

We recognize our special social responsibility. Through our institutions and their full-fledged educational system, we are constantly striving to achieve all-round excellence by giving an opportunity to our students to excel in academics, sports and co-curricular activities with joy, enthusiasm,interest, sensitivity and awareness during the process of learning.

It is our vision and mission to provide and equip students coming from different backgrounds with quality education and skills required to become successful individuals. Given the most competitive environment we are growing in, it is also our sincere commitment to adopt international standards in education and groom our students to reach for and face challenges at the global level. For achieving this, a series of innovative methods and latest educational technology will be made use of.

Sri M.S.Dharmaveera
Madhugiri Education Society