Sri M.V.Srinivas

Education is not only an instrument of enhancing efficiency but also an effective tool of augmenting democratic participation and upgrading the overall quality of individual and society.

The Madhugiri Education Society , resolved to nurture the unique talents and abilities of the student, is renowned for its academic excellence, state of art infrastructure and a dedicated team of experienced staff. The institution stresses on the - all round development of the student, its participation in a new range of activities, sports, events and platforms to question, experiment, explore and excel; an education that stays for life.

It plays a pivotal role in grooming the inborn talent of a student, encourages a participative and practical way of imparting education, with students being participants rather than learners and the faculty being facilitators rather than teachers. It stresses the need to be a step further and a step faster. Our motto – value based education to mould and model a child into an adept, enterprising and self reliant individual.

"With Best wishes for a bright future"

Sri Srinivash M V
Madhugiri Education Society