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It has been recognized all over the world that education is the key to the progress of the world and brotherhood of man. It is obvious that the teacher is the central figure in the process of education. His professional training and the role for us in a new social order for the progress of mankind.

Today, Indian education in general, and teacher education in particular, is facing problems like more quantity and less quality, more mechanism and less organism, a body without a soul. This leads to disintegration in all walks of life.

Teacher education is an integral component of the educational system. It is closely connected with society and conditioned by culture, ethos and character of a nation. Teaching the teacher means building a new society. The onus of bringing about qualitative change in people at large lies with teachers. Hence a completely dedicated, well-versed and competent teacher is indispensable in a society.

The major thrust of this T V Venkataswamy College of Education, Madhugiri is to prepare such competent teachers. TVV CE is doing its best in this regard by maintaining a high standard of excellence in both curricular and co-curricular activities.

This site takes you around many of the features of this institution.

"With Best wishes for a bright future"

T V Venkataswamy College Of Education, Madhugiri