About T V V College Of Education

T V V College Of Education, offering a Bachelor’s Degree course in Education for prospective teachers, was established in 1982 under the aegis of the Madhugiri Education Society. Affiliated to the University of Tumkur, the college caters mainly to the needs of rural people aspiring to become teachers in high schools. Trained teachers from this belt were in short supply, and T V Venkataswamy College of Education stepped in to fill this inexorable gap - especially since the number of educational institutions kept increasing on par with the burgeoning population's educational aspirations.

As more and more Government and private schools and colleges were established, the lack of efficient trained teachers became a major problem - a lacunae which exists to this day. The establishment of T V V College Of Education was therefore a godsend to the areas institutions. The college attempts to imbibe his values, especially in the field of education.

The theme of the college is to impart and promote professional education for teachers who lead society and contribute to the nation's development. The institution has consistently produced top grade teachers since its inception. It has been included under 12B and 2F of U.G.C. Act, accorded permanent affiliation by the University of Tumkur, and recognised by N.C.T.E.S.R.C. Bangalore.

Located on the main Madhugiri-Gowribidanur Road, the campus sits on 25 acres on the town (Madhugiri is located 100 KM from State capital Bangalore). Madhugiri Fort is in the small town of Madhugiri in Tumkur district. The fort is situated on the steep slopes of the Madhugiri Hill, also known as Madhugiri Betta. The fort is an example of impressive architecture crafted in stone and is one of the most visited places near Madhugiri